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What City Offers The Most UNSOLD Hotel Rooms?

Where there are a lot of unsold hotel rooms, there are deep discounts! Hotel operators would rather slash prices and get some business than function at half-capacity. According to Hotwire’s August 2012 report, there are major price declines reported in unsold hotels compared to 2011.

Las Vegas, NV: Unsold Hotel Rooms = 11% Decrease In Rates!

In Las Vegas, you can get a 4-star hotel for an average of $67/night. Vegas has it all – world-class casinos, concerts, shows, spas, bars, and restaurants. You can see a Penn & Teller comedy show or top performing artists like Celine Dion, hike at Red Rock Canyon, have “Elvis” marry you, drive a Lamborghini, and visit an amusement park where you can use heavy digging equipment.

Tucson, AZ: Unsold Hotels = 9% Decrease In Rates!

Tucson offers 4-star unsold hotel rooms for $77/night on average. Here you can visit the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, which includes a traditional museum, a zoo, and a botanical garden. You can walk through Sabino Canyon, Catalina State Park, Tohono Chul Park, and Gates Pass. Or you can take a tour on horseback. Performances at the Carnival of Illusion and The Gas Light Theatre are not to be missed!

Lexington, KY: Unsold Rooms = 9% Decrease In Rates!

Lexington visitors can expect to pay $68/night for 3-star lodging. Horse racing is big business in Kentucky – and so is Bourbon – so be sure to partake in both! You can get a therapeutic massage at the Soular Massage Wellness Center, watch a film at the historic Kentucky Theater, the Mary Todd Lincoln House, the Henry Clay Estate, and Raven Run Nature Sanctuary.

Other destinations with substantial declines include Canada’s Vancouver, BC (-8% decline; $91/night; 3.5-star) and Montreal, Quebec (-7% decline, $108/night; 3.5-star.) Now that you have an idea of where to plan your next vacation, why not search the Internets' largest selection of UNSOLD HOTEL ROOMS here right now?

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