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Unsold Hotel Rooms Offer Last Minute Deals

It’s a commonly held misconception that you have to book in advance to get deals on hotel rooms. According to the recent “American Travel Behavior Survey,” 70 percent of Americans believe that it costs more to book last-minute, compared to weeks or months in advance.

However, that fallacy is simply not true. Unsold hotel rooms often sell off at discounts of up to 50 percent or more at the last minute. For example, holiday airfare and room rates typically drop 9-10 percent during the first two weeks of December. Car rental prices fall even more dramatically, down about 23 percent.

What the study also found is that many Americans are workaholics who are largely caught up in their daily routines. The average American worker has 6.2 unused days of paid vacation at the end of each year. Perhaps many people are hoping to “retire early” on those unused vacation days, but quality of life could be significantly improved if people were to buy up the unsold hotel rooms and airline seats for a bit of rest and relaxation – which is especially helpful at the end of the year, after the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Wouldn’t it be great to start the New Year off fresh, after a week’s rest on the sands of Maui or an Aspen ski lodge?

Unsold Hotel Rooms Between Thanksgiving and Christmas

The weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are a fantastic time to take advantage of unsold hotel rooms that have been slashed dramatically in a last-ditch effort to fill up space. The first few weeks of December and the holiday season is a low point for business and convention travel, so many hotels are eager to sell their unsold hotel rooms, the study reported. The month of January and the first few weeks of February is also a statistically slow time for hoteliers. That means that leisure travelers can score some amazing deals through sites like www.Unsold-Hotel-Rooms.com.

People hunting for unsold hotel rooms will love the user-friendly search features at Unsold-Hotel-Rooms.com, which enable them to narrow down their options by popular landmarks, stars, popularity, reviews, brand names, or hotel features. The helpful hotel overview includes information from hundreds of reviews collected from other travel sites. You’ll have access to many stunning color photos, detailed maps, and information about area attractions. Why open up ten browser tabs when you can open up just one to check Unsold Hotel Rooms from dozens of the leading hotel booking sites and last minute travel sites? Check out www.Unsold-Hotel-Rooms.com to book your next vacation at the guaranteed lowest price.


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