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Insider Advice On Unsold Rooms At Hotels

Unsold rooms at hotels are some of the most perishable goods out there and rates are not set in stone, as many travelers believe. The value of unsold rooms plummets to zero come the following morning and hoteliers are desperate to fill bodies in every available space.

Imagine this… a hotel operator has 160 rooms to rent out. Ideally, he would charge $130/night and bring in $20,800 for a full occupancy night. But let’s say it looks like he will only have 100 customers booked for a given night. That means he can expect $13,000… unless he offers the 60 unsold rooms to a discount travel site at $80, which would allow him to recoup another $4,800 if the fish were biting. So at worst, he would only really be losing $3,000 on the night. Or does he? Consider that these people will be eating in the restaurant, buying spa services, recommending their “great stay” to friends and family.

Yet, here’s another strategy that is regularly employed: if rooms are moving sluggishly, the hotel operator may artificially raise regular room rates to $150/night on the hotel chain website to recoup potential losses from unsold rooms. So, say he knows it’s going to be a slow week and he charges those 100 rooms at $150 instead of $130. He’s banked $15,000 instead of $13,000. He can then offer the other 60 rooms at “50 percent off” and still make $19,500 for the night. This is often why the “rack rate” for a room is much, much higher if you call the hotel directly to book your stay, versus looking online through a travel site.

So what is a traveler to do? As long as a certain percentage of the unsold rooms have been allotted for the bargain rate, you can access this great price – either through a discount club, a travel agent, or an online travel site. At www.Unsold-Hotel-Rooms.com, you can quickly, easily and efficiently search through all the discount travel sites in one browser window. You’ll be able to look at maps with landmarks noted, photos and reviews amalgamated from multiple locations, and read a straight-forward description of all the hotel’s amenities and features. Prices are clearly demarcated, with a best price guarantee that puts fifty bucks in your pocket if you can find a better rate elsewhere. You no longer have to worry about haggling with a hotel manager who is busy trying to get you in at $150/night.

Thanks to the power of the Internet, you will never have to pay full-price on unsold rooms again.  At Unsold-Hotel-Rooms.com, we compare room pricing side-by-side from the leading last minute booking sites.  Simply click through to the site with the best last minute pricing on Unsold Hotel Rooms.


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